Nov 14

Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo

But the prior got the stone in your pocket so that you do not forget that contemplation is not incompatible with the knowledge of the value of things. Master, forgive my ignorance, but in the plane in which the Sweeper was moving what mean value and what was important if it confused with price? So, but even the Abbots, and the Priors are sometimes something extravagant. The case is that, when our friend walked to a retreat in the mountains, came a villager running up to him and told him very excited the jewel! Give me the jewel you do but what jewel are asking for me, good man? It is during the night I had a dream and a good spirit told me: go to the road and you’ll find a monk walking it will give you a gemstone Ah! Replied the Sweeper of the monastery. Do you mean this Green stone? Because take it if you want and without more, continued on his way. Then? Then, the villager took her to his house and spent the night unable to sleep, contemplating that Emerald and planning what you could do with the money that would give him for it. Greed. No, ignorance.

The case is thus passed a week without being able to sleep and decided to rid that slab wooden horse behind the monk to return. Bad business did. Not you onwards, Sergei. Not you onwards. When it reached our friend he returned the Emerald and prostrated at his feet saying: give me the wisdom that allows you to release yourself with as much simplicity of such richness! wow. And what became of the villager? That, another day, Sergei, another Sweeper count you if you want to. Now let’s savor tea and leave us in peace awhile.

Nov 13

Vice President Auxiliar

In today’s Honda unveiled its HondLink, a new system of connectivity within the vehicle that will make its debut next fall at the new 9th generation Honda Accord 2013. Presenting the first automotive OEM application of the Aha of Harman, HondLink will offer a personalized experience by connecting to drivers with thousands of news, information and channels of entertainment based on the cloud and from around the world, using an intuitive interface based on the audio system. HondLink will allow customers to set aside their phones and stay connected with people, music and the media that love, said Vicki Poponi, Vice President Auxiliar de Planificacion de Productos at American Honda. Through the creation of an intuitive and customizable user interface, HondLink allows users to access digital content in a way as simple as choosing a radio station: the new and intuitive application of smart phone HondLink, allows users to pre-configure content in their phones. Once in the car, consumers can enjoy custom content accessible through speech recognition, controls mounted on the steering wheel and in-dash audio system controls. With an attached Smartphone, which serves as a conduit to a wealth of media based in the cloud, HondLink creates a unique connected driving experience.

The Honda hybrids strategy is to leverage the cloud to bring a wealth of new information and services to the owners of a Honda, said Charles Koch, Manager of new business development in American Honda. It’s the next evolution of the concept of connected car and client connected. Through the Aha service, for example, users of HondLink can listen to news channels of audio on Facebook and Twitter, podcasts NPR, custom listings of restaurants based on the location on Yelp!, and access to Internet, such as Slacker music service. The service is free and can be accessed instantly from the cloud. AHA provides a friendly experience with the user who requires a little frequent software updates on your Smartphone, with internal content update in the vehicle and access to simple and automatic channel throughout the life of the vehicle. And the available content from HondLink will grow as the system continues to expand its services to the owners of Honda vehicles.

HondLink also incorporate the Pandora’s Internet radio service and the SMS text service voice to text with pre-programmed responses, introduced Honda CR-v 2012. HondLink EV HondLink family also includes the HondLink EV, specifically designed for the new vehicle the next Accord Plug-In Hybrid and fully electric Fit EV. The owners of these electric vehicles will have access to exclusive applications specifically designed to maintain connectivity in their vehicles. HondLink EV application will allow the user to see the charge status, remotely start charging and activate the air conditioning or heating for preconditioning to the vehicle while it is connected to the mains, mode to maximize the reach of the battery to the boot time. HondLink EV will be launched along with the Fit EV, which will be available as of July 20, 2012 to lease through leasing in California and Oregon.

Nov 12


Speaking in public in a professional environment is similar to the way as we hold a normal conversation. During a normal conversation we change rhythm, its intensity, make grimacing and thus the conversation is interesting and enjoyable. For example, a film without sound effects and Visual would be a monotonous and boring movie. In addition to a good plot, obviously, a movie requires certain amount of dramatic variations and effects during its development to make it interesting and keep us tied to the Chair. Similarly to speak in public is needed to make use of special effects to attract and maintain the interest of the public.

If we don’t want to harm our presentation or exhibition to the public speaking we should implement natural techniques that we use in our everyday conversations. Some of these are: tone of voice changes of speed variation to speak the pauses and silences using body language (gestures and gestures) through the implementation of these techniques We can give strength to our message, emphasizing ideas and key concepts and keep the attention and interest of the public. At the moment, I would like to concentrate on the use of pauses to speak in public. Many people to make a business presentation, for example, try to do it as quickly as possible and exclude pauses. The result is a flurry of words ends up tiring to listeners and the exhibitor.

Use pauses to talk in public provides the following benefits: breaks allow us to take the oxygen that we need to project the voice, avoiding that we stay out of breath and to give the impression that we are agitated. This kind of breaks is well short. The breaks allow you to make a smooth transition from one topic to another within the same exposure, in this way, you as an orator can organize you briefly to delve to the next while allowing your listeners to mentally prepare and organize their thoughts. Pausing before or after issuing an important concept adds drama, for example, after a question or a surprising fact. This allows reflect the listeners and the important concepts that you want to transmit better fixed in their minds. This kind of breaks there is to use them sparingly, because if used too often loses its effect. Finally, beware of pausing every few words, for example every 7 words, or adopt any rhythmic breaks scheme because the public would pay you attention and you rewrite monotonous.

Nov 10

Independent Professionals

The lack of an adequate promotion of its services made to independent professionals vulnerable to the ups and downs of the market. A smart and very low-cost internet-based strategy can change the scenario in short time and in a consistent manner. This is the last of three parts where we have addressed various forms as independent professionals can build positioning unaestrategia with little investment in money. In this article we will review the possibilities of consulting-based services. What type of advisers? Financial.

For example, in investments of all kinds; personal finance; in the diagnosis and implementation of a proper administration in the company; advice on situations of debt, etc. Legal: formalities, impaired judgments, protections, defense in any number of situations related to their businesses. Accounting: tax and all those aimed at the good management of the resources in the business and also personal projects. Many more options can fit. Me I will refer only to services aimed at small businesses and independent professionals. The larger companies have another profile and their needs in this respect are covered somewhat differently. So we will not cover in this article.

What are the challenges of this sector? A lot of this type of service offering. People in general have very little knowledge of the beneficiosofrecidos, aside from those already known. Most of its customers turn to them when they have an urgent problem unresolved, that they can not continue postponing. This leads to a continuous lack of customers. These services are contracted by a need to ultraespecifica and only temporary. The sector tends to be little skilled in its promotion. The infinity of possibilities existing opportunities to adequately promote these sectors, one that find me very interesting is the gift information with the aim of promoting a culture of prevention or planning. It would keep away many of those problems that they end up being served by having them not recognized properly.