The degree of reliability of estimates of the extent to which their reality no one thinks, but it would be necessary. Reports valuation of enterprises, as well as works of kitsch, are designed for customers (and customers) – amateurs who are not in a position to judge the quality of its proposed activities, the level of skill of their authors, the value and useful to make acquisitions. Such people are not hypnotized by the content and showiness, the brightness of the appearance of the product, brand valuation company, and they are willing to pay for it, sometimes a lot. In a hack-and the creators of Appraisers kitsch goals are the same: to earn as quickly as possible and as much as possible with minimal work on their performance. The easiest would be to not pay attention to what and why they write this or that foreign authors publications on the valuation of enterprises and businesses. Sad willingness of many of our appraisers sometimes thoughtlessly, and often deliberately disagree with the statement that the rating companies – the science and art, as in This ordinary evaluation activities deliberately and wrongly equated with real science and real art whose achievements are recognized and revered throughout the world.

This malicious idea, a sort of prop-mimicry by Art benefit a number of appraisers, as it helps them hide a professional insolvency and dishonesty, to cover the perceived impropriety usually issued to customers of the results evaluation. Using the DCF in conjunction "with the creation of works of art assessment" allows many companies today appraisers without much mental effort and detailed calculations, by intuition, for a decent payment of such work, give customers the evaluation of all the things that are asked, or what suits them out of ignorance, no matter how objectively, these estimates reflect the harsh reality. Therefore, and made modest attempt to deal with the plausibility of this claim.

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