Art Creations

The process of creating works of art can not be constrained outside the law, some rules standards, regulations, guidelines, instructions and recommendations for limiting the freedom of creativity, flight of ideas and imagination of the creator in the infrequent periods of appearing in his inspiration and upliftment. Considering the above concept art and distinctive features of its manifestation, it is easy to see that the results of evaluation and assessment of professional appraisers value businesses and business does not meet the requirements for works of art, as a kind of peculiar craft, at best, requires a set of some theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities. The presence of creativity of the ordinary estimator is desirable but not essential. Evaluation – this is one of the many types of specialized intellectual human activity and nothing more. There is reason to believe that the process of assessing the value of enterprises in the modern state in so many far from the art, as it is close to the production of kitsch. In recent dictionaries of foreign words "kitsch (kitsch)" – a tasteless mass production, designed for external effects, cheap, with the ultimate goal of which is solely profit. In the "Wikipedia" states that kitsch – is depleted in low-grade production facility, which appear primitivization trends and which relies only on the repetition of conventions and patterns in the absence of creativity and authenticity.

On modern methods and results of the valuation of enterprises rather not say. As the saying goes: 'the nail on the head "for the given conflict. Indeed, today the results of the valuation of businesses, while not widespread and cheap products are intended only for external effects and are standardized forgeries, imitations, hidden in a pseudo cheap discounted combined package form. It is safe to say that where produced counterfeits, there is no place not only for science and art, but also for ordinary moral craft.

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