Coyhaique Development

This Friday will be held in Coyhaique seminar past, present and future development of Aysen: reflections from the civil society, organized by the private corporation for the development of Aysen (CODESA) within the framework of the commemoration of its 20 years of legal existence. They have confirmed their participation as panelists who was integral to the first directive of the Corporation after its legal Constitution in 1990, Nelson Alvear heads, and its President in the 1990s, Alexander of pine Larzet. Next to the current President, Patricio Segura Ortiz, they will make a historical retrospective of the 20 years of the Organization’s work, comprising leaders who at various times have subsequently assumed challenges at the level of political parties, professional associations, municipalities, and Government, among other areas of regional developments. This will be the CODESA block: two decades thinking about the region. In the second part, under the heading of development looks at Aysen, will present the President of the society of history and geography of Aysen Mauricio Osorio Pefaur, the President of the Multigremial Alejandro Cornejo Barrales, Director of CODESA Miriam Chible Contreras, the President of the ecological grouping and Cultural VIVA Luis Alberto Gomez stop and the Secretary of the Aysen Corporation by Aysen, Baldemar Carrasco Munoz, those who are carriers of various visions of development that currently coexist in the territory.

Also, includes the exhibition of the academic Secretary of the school of anthropology of the University Catholic of Temuco, Gonzalo Saavedra Gallo, who will address the development of the coastal aysenino, to conclude with the presentation of Alberto Saini Baroni, called Aysen Reserva de Vida: context, advances and limitations. We are inviting all stakeholders in regional history and development of Aysen to participate in this meeting. We have worried especially invite, to the extent possible, to those who were the drivers originals of the Corporation, at the end of the 1980s. And also, to those who all these years have been involved in one way or another with the organization expressed about activity safe Patricio. Thus encounter mixed regional history, through the sample of historical archives of the decades of the 80, 90, and which ends with the challenges of the present thanks to the participation of panellists who relate their looks of the current regional development. The seminar is open to the public and will be held at the Biblioteca Regional de Coyhaique (Cochrane 233) from 15: 00 hours to conclude at a cocktail party for attendees.

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