Speaking in public in a professional environment is similar to the way as we hold a normal conversation. During a normal conversation we change rhythm, its intensity, make grimacing and thus the conversation is interesting and enjoyable. For example, a film without sound effects and Visual would be a monotonous and boring movie. In addition to a good plot, obviously, a movie requires certain amount of dramatic variations and effects during its development to make it interesting and keep us tied to the Chair. Similarly to speak in public is needed to make use of special effects to attract and maintain the interest of the public.

If we don’t want to harm our presentation or exhibition to the public speaking we should implement natural techniques that we use in our everyday conversations. Some of these are: tone of voice changes of speed variation to speak the pauses and silences using body language (gestures and gestures) through the implementation of these techniques We can give strength to our message, emphasizing ideas and key concepts and keep the attention and interest of the public. At the moment, I would like to concentrate on the use of pauses to speak in public. Many people to make a business presentation, for example, try to do it as quickly as possible and exclude pauses. The result is a flurry of words ends up tiring to listeners and the exhibitor.

Use pauses to talk in public provides the following benefits: breaks allow us to take the oxygen that we need to project the voice, avoiding that we stay out of breath and to give the impression that we are agitated. This kind of breaks is well short. The breaks allow you to make a smooth transition from one topic to another within the same exposure, in this way, you as an orator can organize you briefly to delve to the next while allowing your listeners to mentally prepare and organize their thoughts. Pausing before or after issuing an important concept adds drama, for example, after a question or a surprising fact. This allows reflect the listeners and the important concepts that you want to transmit better fixed in their minds. This kind of breaks there is to use them sparingly, because if used too often loses its effect. Finally, beware of pausing every few words, for example every 7 words, or adopt any rhythmic breaks scheme because the public would pay you attention and you rewrite monotonous.

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