Environmental Pollution

With true or false instruct each of the following propositions: examples of fossil fuels oil, gas, solar energy and coal. The complete combustion of gas or petrol presents no problem for the environment. Ozone is considered an environmental pollutant. Indicate which of the following substances contributes most to the greenhouse effect: Specify true (V) or false (F) accordingly: acid rain increases the pH in the soil.

Nitrogen dioxide and ozone all contribute to the formation of photochemical smog. Sulphur and nitrogen oxides generated acid rain. The presence of smog in a city is recognized by the color of the atmosphere (characteristic of NO2). A) celestial B) yellow C) females D) dark green E) 05. With true (V) or false (F) instruct each of the following propositions: the greenhouse effect is that phenomenon which prevents all of the energy emitted by the Earth’s surface to escape into space and lost.

The main greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, steam of water, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons. The greenhouse gases of greatest influence in climate Aeson CH4 and steam water. With regard to ozone indicate true (V) or false (F) accordingly: ozone in the stratosphere prevents ultraviolet radiation damage to living beings. Ozone is part of urban smog that pollutes the environment. The ozone layer is located in the ionosphere. Indicate the truth value of the following propositions: unsophistication unsophistication is excessive plant growth in lakes, ponds, etc., as a result of their enrichment in nutrients not natural mode.

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