Florida Recounting

It is a period in which produced breakthroughs in the world of science. Displays the printing element more than relevant in the later development of literature. The new continent became one appendix of old Europe. Begins the colonization which is resulting in the fusion of European culture with native populations. The analysis that we will perform part of the work shipwrecks of alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. Alvar Nunez, descendant of a noble family, was a Spanish Explorer of the Indies. the topic at hand.

In 1526 part along with Panfilo de Narvaez to Florida on a journey that was aimed at the wreck of the crew; wreck of which managed to survive. For eight years he lives next to Indians that traded, acts as a merchant and runs through several towns in order to return to new Spain. He is dedicated to explore the southern Mexico until he returned to Spain in 1537, where he obtained a post as Governor. The objective of this analysis is to attend to different narrative elements such as: the issue of the classification of the work in a particular genre, the verisimilitude and the ficcionalidad, figure of the Narrator, descriptive forms and chronological mismatches, organization of its structure, the influence of the context when it comes to recounting the events and, finally, the comparison of the work with other genres. VERISIMILITUDE and FICCIONALIDAD resolves the problem of the credibility through the testimonial character of narration as well as the use of the first person when it comes to recounting the facts. Also by the proem to the King insists he in his the veracity of what is narrated.

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