Gazprom Market

the last century. "Gazprom" as a state monopoly, too, did not escape these errors, when in the early 21st century began active development of their Western markets to their gains by selling not only hydrocarbons but also create their own major assets by buying them on around the world. The main objects of the expansion of energy companies were in England, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia. At a certain stage of the movement in the West is extremely attractive to penetrate the British market has been recognized distribution company Centrica, which has won about 60% market share of domestic gas consumers. In early 2007, Gazprom started to negotiate the possible purchase of shares in Centrica. However, in the British press launched a campaign relatively unpredictable political consequences of a potential agreement, as in Russian – judging by the publications in the British media, and according to official circles – would appear in funds within the country for economic pressure on the foreign policy decisions of the British government.

It did not take long to speak with a clear intent by the legislature to prevent the conclusion of this transaction and all possible in the future similar acquisitions. As in the case of Kovykta, in England, too, was to use the resources of state power, but disadvantageous to the country's decision had been blocked in advance and it is not correct then there was a need own mistakes. Given the unsuccessful frontal assault on the British market allocation of energy resources, the management of "Gazprom" in the middle of 2007 to launch negotiations by the German E. On energetokontsernom of gaining control over British power plant and some of the objects in Hungary in exchange for a quarter of the South Russian deposit. In this case, the British government did not have a direct opportunity to create obstacles to an agreement between two independent representatives of the private business of other countries.

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