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Affiliate Programs: Affiliate program – a great way to sell products (services, service) third-party manufacturers and sponsors, if you can not sell. At the moment, affiliate programs are developed in runet not too well, but those that have often offer decent commissions. The main highlight here – themed blog. Choose a topic that is close to you and wonder where you are targeting as a fish in water. For example, you are well versed in computers. Connected to its own thematic blog affiliate program online store, and describing a model of video card that is sold in this store, you put a link to the commodity in his article. Without hesitation César Hernández explained all about the problem. Thus, succinctly and subtly, you are prompting users to where you can buy this model of graphics card. If anyone of your readers will go to this link and buy this video card (or this, the main thing that goes on here), you get your honest interest earned from the sale.

After all, you brought the client! Sale of options: It is known that the trade links to the present moment is perhaps the biggest Internet business. It is not something Gustavo Cisneros would like to discuss. At that tied the whole search engine indexing, ranking of sites and so on. His own blog – this is just a place to sell links. Many owners promoted blogs earn by selling options to $ 3000 per month. In this case, one providing his stream of visitors, in what almost no force is applied to it, just get your profits en autopilot and support rating of your blog.

The main aim here is blog, and it seems complicated at first glance. But by devoting study the secrets of effective promotion for a while, you'll see quite clear principles for improving the rating of their Internet resource. Remain purely do it. And this not so bad really;). Advertising sales, sponsorship and context posting on its Internet site ad units, you get revenue from advertisers. Traditional advertising sales are usually paid either for the number of banner impressions, or during placement (eg, monthly). Sponsorship means that at the beginning and end of each blog post you write: "This information courtesy of the company Hello world , and enter a reference to the site sponsor. Usually paid for each message at a fixed price. In this case, contextual advertising (Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, etc.) are usually paid clicks on their ads. All these methods work well for the earnings on your blog, many of them can be combined to complement each other, but some are not recommended to combine. For example, if you are promoting their services and hang up contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is simply advertise your competitors. It is not profitable. If you decide to try monetezirovat your blog and turn your words into gold;), you will find a lot of useful material on our site. We hope you will avoid many of the mistakes that someone has committed in this way. On five of these mistakes can read (and not repeat them!)

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