GRADE IV Jewelry

The risk of jewelry in Spain is so high that only three insurance companies sucriben insurance policy against such crimes. The policies are very expensive not lower than 9,000 a year for a minimum coverage policies that are totally protect only establishments robberies but not theft, where coverage reached only the value only 10 of the material sutras. Outside of Spain’s European insurance policies of jewelry work differently. If the jewelry has a safe manufactured in Spain before 1997 do not make any policy because most of the safes are made of cement and not last even ten minutes on the attack with a hatchet and a mallet. 90 of jewelry safes in Spain has the Grade IV and would not permit a European policy covers over 120.000 and it is agreed.

Therefore most of the jewelers in Spain would have to put a safe standard EN 1143-1 superior to that of Grade IV to the risk premium up there until Grade XIII. Fulfilling this scale of degrees with respect to insurance coverage the insurance company and the jewelry would be more protected and the policy would drop substantially. A safe Grade VI has a purchase value of 3,000 to 5,000 euros. Jewelry stores in Spain as indicated by JMAlmagro most security having Grade IV could be opened in less than thirteen minutes since most are not re-blockage that does not mean that the protection of both key locks and combination encrypted against drilling in order to ascertain which is one that meets such approval must have the certificate APPLUS for more expansion is information see company engaged in the sale and manufacture of safes.


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