Hans Christian Seidel

With this small mild gift of the seller then some buyers settle already delighted to hear, even though the seller basically brings through his claim without restriction as a result. Some buyers have and show little confidence during a hearing to enforce their targets. Unfortunately, transfers and extremely negatively affects the mental strength of negotiating this lack of self confidence, body language and commitment to success from the seller aware of this. Some buyers like to push the evil”business leadership before, when they set a price request to the seller. Rather than be man enough to communicate the demand of a reduction in price out of their own conviction, they hide like and comfortable behind a strong power in the background. Some buyers, who have a maximum and a minimum objective, focused psychologically and mentally seen already at an early stage too much on your target. In this case, the probability very obvious that she will achieve even that small goal. Some timid buyers too few dare to request therefore too little or not enough push the suppliers to a higher reduction in price and result in”is way too early.

Some buyers have too few knowledge of the market and therefore do not know how much they can actually request and accordingly put a rather lower negotiating target to sit not too far out of the window and not negative. This next Hans Christian Seidel: build a real target hierarchy before each hearing on. Articulate and formulate your expectations of your goals in the negotiations as follows: clearly and unambiguously with a strong voice, a confident and expressive body language and a direct eye contact. A target hierarchy could for example look like: my maximum: price reduction of – 8% for the fiscal year 2013 mean intermediate target: Price reduction of 4%-6% for fiscal year 2013, then postpone the negotiation with the other target focus on – 8%, until then keep all prices of the current order status: on hold my minimum goal: price reduction by – 4% for the fiscal year 2013 but I will fight like a lion to the very end. Note: when you constantly keep in mind the target hierarchy and 8% price reduction is focused from the outset clear on that -, you will achieve always 6% price reduction ever in the cut. Learn more about seminar workshops, shopping seminars in negotiation training and negotiation seminars by purchasing campus see directly-purchase campus top-einkaufsseminar.html or by E-Mail request to:

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