Independent Professionals

The lack of an adequate promotion of its services made to independent professionals vulnerable to the ups and downs of the market. A smart and very low-cost internet-based strategy can change the scenario in short time and in a consistent manner. This is the last of three parts where we have addressed various forms as independent professionals can build positioning unaestrategia with little investment in money. In this article we will review the possibilities of consulting-based services. What type of advisers? Financial.

For example, in investments of all kinds; personal finance; in the diagnosis and implementation of a proper administration in the company; advice on situations of debt, etc. Legal: formalities, impaired judgments, protections, defense in any number of situations related to their businesses. Accounting: tax and all those aimed at the good management of the resources in the business and also personal projects. Many more options can fit. Me I will refer only to services aimed at small businesses and independent professionals. The larger companies have another profile and their needs in this respect are covered somewhat differently. So we will not cover in this article.

What are the challenges of this sector? A lot of this type of service offering. People in general have very little knowledge of the beneficiosofrecidos, aside from those already known. Most of its customers turn to them when they have an urgent problem unresolved, that they can not continue postponing. This leads to a continuous lack of customers. These services are contracted by a need to ultraespecifica and only temporary. The sector tends to be little skilled in its promotion. The infinity of possibilities existing opportunities to adequately promote these sectors, one that find me very interesting is the gift information with the aim of promoting a culture of prevention or planning. It would keep away many of those problems that they end up being served by having them not recognized properly.

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