Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo

But the prior got the stone in your pocket so that you do not forget that contemplation is not incompatible with the knowledge of the value of things. Master, forgive my ignorance, but in the plane in which the Sweeper was moving what mean value and what was important if it confused with price? So, but even the Abbots, and the Priors are sometimes something extravagant. The case is that, when our friend walked to a retreat in the mountains, came a villager running up to him and told him very excited the jewel! Give me the jewel you do but what jewel are asking for me, good man? It is during the night I had a dream and a good spirit told me: go to the road and you’ll find a monk walking it will give you a gemstone Ah! Replied the Sweeper of the monastery. Do you mean this Green stone? Because take it if you want and without more, continued on his way. Then? Then, the villager took her to his house and spent the night unable to sleep, contemplating that Emerald and planning what you could do with the money that would give him for it. Greed. No, ignorance.

The case is thus passed a week without being able to sleep and decided to rid that slab wooden horse behind the monk to return. Bad business did. Not you onwards, Sergei. Not you onwards. When it reached our friend he returned the Emerald and prostrated at his feet saying: give me the wisdom that allows you to release yourself with as much simplicity of such richness! wow. And what became of the villager? That, another day, Sergei, another Sweeper count you if you want to. Now let’s savor tea and leave us in peace awhile.

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