Latin America

Poko Common is the first agency in Spain dedicated to guerrilla marketing. Headquartered in Barcelona and offices in Madrid and Seville, integrated from creative through to journalists and graphic designers and marketing experts guaranteed coaching. Frequent Poko born to give solution to the need for companies and advertising agencies to communicate your product in a non-conventional way. In this sense, Poko Frequent proposes an alternative to the limitations of traditional advertising campaigns and offers it to all those companies stay high impact at low cost. A ‘guerrilla’ young and multidisciplinary is responsible for devising and implementing actions to promote surprising any product, service or event. Actions that, by his genius, are able to achieve an echo in the press but also to find an old but powerful ally: the word of mouth. Poko Frequent hand and drink from the experience of The centerpiece of the show, a leader in the recruitment of celebrity doubles he has seen the need to meet a growing demand as is to make advertising measures impacting on the street. All this supported by the resounding success that already have reaped similar experiences in Latin America and much of Europe.

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