Leader People

He does not serve yourself of the men, but he assists them to serve it a cause surpasses that them; to make familiar itself to the workmanship to fulfill constitutes the first element of the soul of the head. A head must possess, before everything, the feeling of its responsibility. To have the feeling of the responsibility does not mean that it waits to be punished, if does not fulfill its duty – a true head does not think about the sanctions where she could incur regarding other heads, placed above of itself in the hierarchy. & ldquo; A head thinks about everything, for all candle; he does not eat nor if he lies down without everything is in sequence. A thing has where it does not think: in its proper fatigue. Not being enslaved of its superiors, are it, however, of the protection duty that must to its.

This direction of the necessity of the others becomes it many times capable of works that seem above of its foras& rdquo; 3 (Olivier. Clement). To be leader, in contrast of what many think, she is necessary one high index of humildade and generosity. They are these characteristics that become easy the transit of the leader, making to always come close itself it to all inside of a reliable environment. In the presence of the leader the people if feel to the will, insurances. The leader knows the hour and the form certain to reprehend.

It does not humiliate, nor displays the people to ridicule, but they show what she could have been done better for the result that the group if considered to reach. The ability of the leader is exactly to extract the individual abilities of the elements of its team, being combined them in the search of synergy. To explain synergy is easy. Mathematically, synergy is when the result of the addition of the abilities of the people is very bigger of what the addition of its values individual.

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