Mexico Product

However, in considering the motivations for the creation of the product and roles can be interchangeable, as the application itself is moving to the designers to create garments or the means for the dissemination of bodies and perfect faces. If there is no demand, the product is not sold, it being considered in the system failure economic, fashion being the only industry that has not undergone a radical change as we live our daily lives it. In work roles, Mexican women played an essential role in this system. Since the United States, Canada and Europe centers of fashion and haute couture in the world, Mexico is one of the first places on participation in the textile industry for their factories and manufacturing which manages about this product. The labels of the great designers will be in the language where the garment is sold, but there is a large overlap between several of them: the name of Mexico. Labor with regard to fashion is very big in our country, as women were the most involved in this process of making the product, then take it to another country and sell five times more expensive than it was said that it would thus making the salaries of those involved pathetic and insignificant compared to the final profit, but that all industries are based today. The problem of capitalism and back in history to medieval times where there was a bourgeois and a working class that was part of all systems, to be the largest economic power who got all the profit.

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