Michael Kazarin Coaching

It is very important for people to understand that coaching – this is not another manager's gimmick, but a necessary condition to improve performance and to improve working relations. The resistance of coaching can be caused by that people are not accustomed to the fact that they need to consciously take responsibility and think for themselves. If they are used for many years only to receive instructions and orders, they will simply be afraid at first This, like anything new. In this case, they just do not expect responsibility and autonomy, they are waiting for clear guidance. But wait – does not mean they want. The vast majority of employees at heart just want accountability and autonomy, because it helps them assess their importance, can satisfy their desire to rise in his eyes and in the eyes of others. It should be noted that higher self-esteem people, the easier it accepts responsibility. Conversely, the lower the self-esteem, the more difficult it take this responsibility.

It turns out a kind of vicious circle: low self-esteem can not take responsibility, and thus increase their self-esteem. Unlock this vicious circle can coaching. Already in the process of coaching staff took some responsibility – at least for their answers to the questions and voiced in the coaching decisions. A this is the first step to self-esteem and improve its own efficiency. Thus, to overcome the external resistance is, above all, openness, that is, in explaining employees' rules of the game ", and as those real advantages that give them coaching. Without this resistance on the part of employees is inevitable and it can be so strong that it will bring to "no" to any attempt to use coaching to manage. It is also important implement coaching gradually.

You need to give employees the opportunity to adjust to the new management style for them. Initially, the head defining the issues may be perceived as something not quite normal, but over time employees understand the benefits that gives them the practice and fully involved in the process of coaching. Openness and gradualism – that is what allows the head to implement and use coaching in their work, while ensuring the external resistance to a minimum. Michael Kazarin. Coach. Business consultant.

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