Questionnaire Recommendation

Quarrel and Recommendation When the questionnaire was applied to become reflective ‘ ‘ in which the searched one does not answer only to the looked information, as well as it is come across with provocative questions, creating chance to reflect concerning its conditions of life, as product of a social structure contraditria’ ‘ (FRANK, 1994 P. 20). MORAES (2000), such authors establish that the questionnaires are instruments that they make possible to catch information, opinions, perceptions, values, models and other aspects of the individuals in the diversity of its ways. Analyzing the answers of the interviewed ones, few are the people who have habits to consume ecologically correct products. It can be verified that it has diversities of ideas, on the other hand, has a small relevance regarding this subject. Thus, it is needed to change paradgima of that the sustainable product costs expensive.

It is necessary for in practical the thought of Milbrath, that comments ahead on what it goes of meeting with the reality where if it lives, of a group of proper beliefs of ‘ ‘ social paradigm dominante’ ‘ , appearing, in this way, an alternative set of beliefs represented by ‘ ‘ new paradigm ambiental’ ‘ , as a new form to conceive the organization of the reality that corrects what it can be incorporated the social system. New Ambient Paradigm Dominant Social Paradigm High valuation of the nature. The nature for same itself love for the nature. b. Total relations between the human beings and the nature. c. Ambient protection above of the economic desenvolimento Low valuation of the nature. Nature to produce good.

b. Domination human being of the naureza. c. Economic growth above of the ambient protection. Generalized compassion stops with. Other species b. Other peoples. c. Other generations Compassion only for next. Exploration of other species to take care of to the necessities human beings.

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