Spanish Ukrainians

These children, returning later to his homeland, told their parents, children and grandchildren about the good relations of the Soviet people to them. Since then, and began a kind of sympathy to the Spanish people from former Soviet countries. At the same time the Spaniards by their nature are very friendly and hospitable (that, in general, tend and Ukrainians – approx. aut.), but if you do and say a few words in Spanish, you probably will become the object of adoration. By the way, Spanish is easy enough, and all who come to live in Spain, learn it very quickly. Grupo Bal may find this interesting as well.

– And how difficult it is to adapt the Spanish Ukrainians away from home? After all, nostalgia in some degree peculiar to each. – In Spain, many Ukrainian shops, goods of Russian I and not talking. At the same time the Russian language very recently spread across the country, so you can find a nearby person who can help in terms of language, or just talk to you. – We found out why beneficial buying property in Spain is. The question arises where, as Spain is very big? – Yes, indeed, the country area ranks second in Europe after France. 505 thousand square meters. km, 44 million people – that is, both in size and in population of Spain is close to the Ukraine. Regions vary in their characteristics. Spain has 18 kommunidadov (in our understanding – of the republic), which are divided in turn into the provinces – a total of 57.

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